Private Channels, this weeks sum up!


It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted my blog post “Why private channels in Microsoft Teams are overrated!”  You can find it here:

Since then there has been several other blogposts about this subject and I feel the need to revisit this matter 🙂

I still have the same opinion as before. Private channels in Microsoft Teams is a great idea on paper! I could see lot’s of use cases if this feature existed, no doubt!

My take on it in my blog post stated this, but with the perspective of thinking the other direction! What can we achieve with not locking down content for users, having a easy interface with low administrative overhead but at the same time solving the needs for private content and conversations!

February 3rd, Regarding365 posted Alistair Pugin’s take on the subject! He says that this is a much larger conversation in the end and explains the technical difficulties about breaking up Office 365 groups with permissions. Also uses the term “fit for purpose” regarding not get stuck on Microsoft Teams for every solution! Read the blogpost here:


On the 5th of february, Vesa Nopanen posted his thoughts on private channels on his blog! In this he states that the need for this feature is indeed real and clearly explains the different use cases! Then he examines the different workarounds and also the cons of these. In the end of the blogpost he wants us to go back to the “why” of it all! “Simplicity is the best practice”.  A great blog post which you can find here:


Same day Tony Redmond posted Tony Redmond’s opinion on private channels from a more technical perspective! He explains why this is a very hard and complicated feature to implement because Microsoft Teams is parts of many different services within Office 365 and even third-party applications, which independently would need to be addressed regarding permission levels. You read his great blog post here:



It’s a hot subject! The user voice count for this feature is only growing day by day and you hear people whisper “private channels” wherever you go. Microsoft says nothing and that adds to the mix. People are getting frustrated and whispers will become loud voices soon enough!

I have no clue myself how this will be solved, IF it will be. As you can read in above blogposts, this is a complicated matter due to the many services Teams depends and works upon. Also, as I’ve said myself, do they really want it in Microsoft Teams??

What I think would benefit Microsoft in this case, is to lift the lid, if only a bit and let us know what is happening! Even if they themselves don’t have any clue…

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