A closer look at the Champion Management Platform toolkit – Increase engagement among your Champions

Running a champions program,especially during an implementation of new services and tools, is a great way of spreading information, enthusiasm and knowledge to users. It also helps drive engagement and business transformation as well as gives a great way to collect feedback from users all over your organization. Microsoft provides you with tons of content … Continue reading A closer look at the Champion Management Platform toolkit – Increase engagement among your Champions

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms -What’s new and upcoming?

Today, meeting organizers can create and manage breakout rooms from the desktop client. Recently, a timer feature was added for breakout rooms together with some other improvements and an updated experience for managing breakout rooms is now rolling out. This post won't cover the how to utilize the feature but rather cover the recently added … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms -What’s new and upcoming?

What is Viva Learning?

Learning is one of the four apps/modules included in Microsoft Viva. Microsoft describes Viva as an employee experience and Learning will focus on just that -learning, as expected from the name. There's lots of questions what Viva Learning really is about, and what role it will play for organizations regarding their approach for user-learning and … Continue reading What is Viva Learning?

Part 1: What is Teams Webinar – Explained

Microsoft Teams Live Events or "TLE" has up til recently been the only "better" option to conduct digital gatherings with a larger amount of attendees like webinars, town hall meetings and so forth. This has somewhat changed now with Teams Webinars and several new meeting options available for Teams meetings. This raises questions like "how … Continue reading Part 1: What is Teams Webinar – Explained

Migrating file shares to Microsoft 365 – Considerations

I have recently been dealing a lot with customers on their journey migrating on-premises files to SharePoint/Microsoft Teams/OneDrive! In this blog post I won't tell you what tools to use or what is the best scenario for you, but rather put some thoughts in your head before making any potential mistakes! During the pandemic, there's … Continue reading Migrating file shares to Microsoft 365 – Considerations

Add the group calendar to Teams

Background: When a Team is created an Office 365 group is also created behind the scenes. This also means a number of other workloads is provisioned, including a Outlook group calendar. On many occasions I've been asked how to leverage this calendar in Microsoft Teams, since there is no default view of this calendar in Teams. … Continue reading Add the group calendar to Teams

Microsoft Teams Channel moderation

Just recently the channel moderation feature began rolling out to Microsoft Teams! So what's this all about? Basically this is about the ability to control who can create new posts in a certain channel. In addition to this you can also control if users can reply to posts created by the channel  "moderators" Use case … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Channel moderation

Teams chat file-sharing demystified

I recently answered a post on the TechCommunity ( Link here ) about a user asking about the existence and non-existence of the so called “Microsoft Teams Chat Files” folder in Onedrive! It got me thinking that details of sharing files in a private chat in Microsoft Teams can be somewhat confusing for many users, and … Continue reading Teams chat file-sharing demystified

Move beyond Yammer features – the importance of asking “what and why”

As a consult who helps customers use products like Yammer, I get lots of questions. And a common question I get from customers is, why should we use Yammer?   It’s often in relation to them using other services for communication already, and rolling out yet another service must make sense for them.... Källa: Move … Continue reading Move beyond Yammer features – the importance of asking “what and why”

Communicate? – so many options!

There are numerous ways for people to interact and communicate to each other these days! People are used to certain habits regarding when to use what! For example, in our private life we have a set of ways and tools for each given situation. It’s not something we were taught from somebody but rather something … Continue reading Communicate? – so many options!