A closer look at the Champion Management Platform toolkit – Increase engagement among your Champions

Running a champions program,especially during an implementation of new services and tools, is a great way of spreading information, enthusiasm and knowledge to users. It also helps drive engagement and business transformation as well as gives a great way to collect feedback from users all over your organization. Microsoft provides you with tons of content … Continue reading A closer look at the Champion Management Platform toolkit – Increase engagement among your Champions

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms -What’s new and upcoming?

Today, meeting organizers can create and manage breakout rooms from the desktop client. Recently, a timer feature was added for breakout rooms together with some other improvements and an updated experience for managing breakout rooms is now rolling out. This post won't cover the how to utilize the feature but rather cover the recently added … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms -What’s new and upcoming?

What is Viva Learning?

Learning is one of the four apps/modules included in Microsoft Viva. Microsoft describes Viva as an employee experience and Learning will focus on just that -learning, as expected from the name. There's lots of questions what Viva Learning really is about, and what role it will play for organizations regarding their approach for user-learning and … Continue reading What is Viva Learning?

Yet another ”Community” blog post

I’ve read many blogposts about the “Community”, all which are great, and I love to read about other peoples perspectives and journeys! Not until last week, when I was thinking about a topic for my next blog post I actually thought of doing this myself! I realized the importance to myself, of acknowledging the greatness … Continue reading Yet another ”Community” blog post

Question Time: What are your plans for Microsoft 365 Certification in 2019?


The announcement of the new Azure exams at Inspire 2018 signalled the beginning of a complete overhaul of the Microsoft exam and certification structure. We have entered a world of role-based certs as opposed to product based certs – and the ones we worked so hard to get, such as Office 365, will be retired soon. Of course, there is still a little time left if you want to get these for posterity.

Moving to a role-based certification system – similar to Amazon – makes complete sense from the perspective of having qualifications reflective of the job you actually do as opposed to a set of knowledge on a particular product you may never actually use. Yet, with so many new exams and certs being released in such a short space of time, there are as many who don’t know where to start as there are those who are engaged…

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Question Time: Are recent changes in Teams indicative of it becoming more than an Inner Loop collaboration app?


Teams is my favourite application within Office 365. Like the IT Pros in our panel today, it is a subject I’m very passionate about. As a hub for team collaboration it integrates people, content and tools to make the Team more engaged and effective. It has been a runaway success. Since it’s introduction it has been the fastest growing app in Microsoft history. Back at Ignite 2018 we saw the numbers – 329,000 organisations using it (over 400,000 at the time of writing), 87 Fortune 500 companies and 54 companies with more than 10,000 active users (Microsoft, 2018). Yet it is also a young application and as such it is still evolving rapidly. Whilst positioned as an Inner Loop collaboration app, by introducing features such as the 5000 user limit or (soon to be) Private Channels, we ask – is it evolving into something different from it’s original design and…

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European Teams User Group

27/1 2019 Me @deltanr1 and Chris Hoard ( @Microsoft365Pro ) announced the "European Teams User Group" Everyone is invited to join us! Follow us on twitter: @EuroTeamsUG for upcoming meetings! Contact: euroteamsug@outlook.com Also make sure to read my partner in crime, Chris Hoards blogpost about this group: Teams: Introducing the European Teams User Group / Adam