App permissions moving to Teams Admin Center

Recently I’ve seen that app permissions for Teams are moving to the new Teams Admin Center (TAC) This is a good thing since it further minimalizes the places you need to go to make certain settings for Microsoft Teams. Previously this was made from the Office 365 Admin Portal – services and add-ins, then clicking on Teams -> Apps!

What’s it for?

These settings decides what apps that are permitted for your users to add and use in Teams!

Not long ago Microsoft released App policies for Teams in TAC, which gave you control of the apps pinned to your users client, and with now moving the app permissions to TAC too, we have all the apps settings for Teams in one place!

This migration is currently rolling out and is not yet done in all tenants! In one of my tenants in which this change has rolled out, going to the old place in the Admin portal looks like this:


I’m notified that this settings are now moved to TAC and I’m not allowed to make any changes!

When opening up the Teams Admin Center I now see the added option for “Permission policies” under Teams apps:



When clicking on it I see this:


3 things comes to mind:

  1. An “org-wide settings” button
  2. A default created global policy is present!
  3. An option to create further policies to apply to certain users

Clicking on the “ord-wide settings” button I’m presented with this:


Here I can block third party and custom apps for the entire organisation, as well block certain apps at the bottom! I leave everything as default (ON)

When clicking the global policy, I see that apps are divided into three areas. Microsoft apps , Third party apps and Tenant apps


“Tenant apps” means your organisation’s custom apps

In each of these options you can set below settings:


If I exit the Global policy and click new, I can create my own policy:


Here I have named it “My own app perm policy” and set all types of apps to blocked!

To set a policy to a certain user, just go to “Users” in TAC ->Select a user -> Policies -> Set it under the newly added “App permission policy”  As you can see now, the default set policy is the global one!


That’s all! I’m happy to see most Teams settings now are migrated to the Teams Admin Center. If there’s something to add or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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