Multiple channel posting now rolling out

As of today the ability to post a channel message across multiple channels is available in all my tenants.

What is it?

This can be used to publish announcements, news or any other channel messages in many different channels either within the same team or across all teams that you are a member of! Now you don’t need to compose and post this message multiple times.

How do I use it?

Standing in the conversation tab in Teams, click the format button:


Now the option to click “Post in multiple channels” is visible:


Now click on “select channels”:


Here you can browse or search for the channels in which you want to post a message to:



Click “Update” and compose your message. The channels selected in prior step will be visible:


Now just send the message and it will be posted in all the channels simultaneously.

Keep in mind that replies to each individual message in the multiple channels will stay in that channel!

I see this as a useful feature, especially if you don’t have an org-wide team in your organization and also in cases where you need to adress multiple Teams the same message! A time saver!!

I’ll keep trying this out and update this blog post if I find any other gotchas or details. Feel free to reach out to me if you fins something or have questions!


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