Communicate? – so many options!

There are numerous ways for people to interact and communicate to each other these days! People are used to certain habits regarding when to use what! For example, in our private life we have a set of ways and tools for each given situation. It’s not something we were taught from somebody but rather something … Continue reading Communicate? – so many options!

Question Time: Can Kaizala end the use of WhatsApp within the Organisation?


Kaizala is a simple and secure mobile chat app for work. Described as the business version of WhatsApp (Web CMS, 2019) and designed as a Microsoft Garage (@MSFTGarage) project, it is now being used by over 1000 government and private businesses in India and has 1 million users in the country where it was first launched (Hindustan Times, 2018). It’s recent success has prompted Microsoft to introduce it into all Office/Microsoft 365 tenants globally. Whether WhatsApp is being used as an informal communications app to bypass formal channels, or whether users they have been driven to use it through dissatisfaction with existing solutions, will we see Kaizala spell the end of the use of WhatsApp within organisations in the near future?

We ask a panel of IT Pro’s their opinions!

This Weeks Panel


Adam Deltinger (@Deltanr1): MCSE, Sweden

Chris Hoard (

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An example of a Teams provisioning workflow

Background The questions and requests for automatic Teams provisioning keeps increasing as more and more organization move over to restrict group creation in their Office 365 tenant. Since this will create more administrative overhead, many wants a simple effective workflow for team requests and provisioning. You can read more about restricting group creation here: reading An example of a Teams provisioning workflow

Private Channels, this weeks sum up!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted my blog post "Why private channels in Microsoft Teams are overrated!"  You can find it here: Since then there has been several other blogposts about this subject and I feel the need to revisit this matter 🙂 I still have the same opinion as before. … Continue reading Private Channels, this weeks sum up!

Why private channels in Microsoft Teams is overrated!

By the name of this blogpost I’ve probably added myself to a few hate lists already! But I still stand my ground, and I’m going to explain why. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about this is a quick recap: When you create a team in Microsoft teams, you can logically … Continue reading Why private channels in Microsoft Teams is overrated!

5 common mistakes in a Office 365 roll-out

In my days as a cloud consultant, I’ve seen and heard of a lot of implementations of Office 365. The conclusion is that many implementations weren’t really successful looking back at them. There is often no single factor responsible for this but rather several which I will list and talk about in this blogpost. These … Continue reading 5 common mistakes in a Office 365 roll-out