Let’s “Yam” in Teams

Yesterday the new Yammer tab was rolled-out to my tenant! I wasn’t late to try it out!

To add the tab – go to a preferred channel and click the “+” button to get a list of available tabs:



Select Yammer and you now get two choices to select:

  • A Yammer group
  • A Yammer topic (hashtag)

(If you don’t see it yet, no worry! It will show up shortly due to being rolled-out)



By selecting a group you can here search for any of the Yammer groups you have! I notices that the “All company” group is not selectable! I guess this is by design! This might change further on though! I believe the expected purpose is to have a group of a certain purpose, and from the corresponding Team, further discuss or get noticed about the Yammer posts!

There are a lot of usage examples here:


If you select a Yammer topic you here search for a hashtag word and get a feed will all these within the tab!

I noticed that you may only use one group / Topic per tab! If you want more groups or topics you have to create additional tabs in the channel!

Now you get the integrated Yammer page inside of the tab in Teams! It looks sleek and works great to read and post messages directly from the tab!

The sad stuff

I also discovered that the options are quite limited! The feed is not updated in real-time! To see new posts you have to reload the tab or go out and in to it again.


You can post a message or an announcement and also reply to and like a message but what you can’t do is format the announcement! Just a title and a body! You can’t edit or delete any messages, no option to attach files, use Gif’s or do a search within the tab!

I do believe this will get better within time and more features will be available..

Share to Teams

As you can see on the image above, there is a neat feature called “Share to channel”  If there is a Yammer post you’d like to discuss within the Team you can choose this with an option to add a comment! This will post the message to the channel conversations tab


You may now discuss this post within the team! Remember that what you write here won’t go to Yammer. It stays in the channel conversation only! If you click the “View in Yammer” you will not be taken to the tab, but opens up a browser with Yammer.



I see a lot of use-cases with the Yammer tab if your organisation is utilizing both Teams and Yammer, but it’s currently lacking some basic functionality like editing,formatting, attach files, search etc. Hopefully these options will be added in the future!

I’m still happy for it and started using it already 🙂





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