Communicate? – so many options!

There are numerous ways for people to interact and communicate to each other these days! People are used to certain habits regarding when to use what! For example, in our private life we have a set of ways and tools for each given situation. It’s not something we were taught from somebody but rather something … Continue reading Communicate? – so many options!

Question Time: Teams Turns 2 – What would you like to see before it turns 3?

New Weekly panel blog post!


My son is two and a quarter years old – two and a quarter already! I feel a bit like the subject in The Scream by Edvard Munch – where the hell did time actually go? And as any parent well knows, they grow up so fast. If you are a parent, I hope you experience the sheer joy of always being incredibly proud and biased of them; that every single day you find yourself waxing lyrical on what they have achieved – however small – and of all their possibilities and potential.

Microsoft Teams is practically the same age as my son. It has come a long way in those two years and we see that explosive growth in the numbers – more than 500,000 organisations use it and 91% of the Fortune 100 companies. Microsoft are incredibly proud, and rightly so – not only is Teams the fastest…

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Copy a Planner plan to a new team

Very recently Microsoft released the long awaited *Copy Plan* feature in Microsoft Planner. This was one of the most requested feature on planner user voice and it's pretty easy to understand! Having created a numerous buckets and tasks, and then want to reuse this for another project or similar, meant starting out  from scratch with … Continue reading Copy a Planner plan to a new team

An example of a Teams provisioning workflow

Background The questions and requests for automatic Teams provisioning keeps increasing as more and more organization move over to restrict group creation in their Office 365 tenant. Since this will create more administrative overhead, many wants a simple effective workflow for team requests and provisioning. You can read more about restricting group creation here: reading An example of a Teams provisioning workflow

Private Channels, this weeks sum up!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted my blog post "Why private channels in Microsoft Teams are overrated!"  You can find it here: Since then there has been several other blogposts about this subject and I feel the need to revisit this matter 🙂 I still have the same opinion as before. … Continue reading Private Channels, this weeks sum up!

Why private channels in Microsoft Teams is overrated!

By the name of this blogpost I’ve probably added myself to a few hate lists already! But I still stand my ground, and I’m going to explain why. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about this is a quick recap: When you create a team in Microsoft teams, you can logically … Continue reading Why private channels in Microsoft Teams is overrated!