Create rules in Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is great for many reasons. Based on SharePoint lists, it's now much easier for users to create and work with lists thanks to the portal app, app for iOS and its integration with Microsoft Teams. I won't cover the basics of lists in this post, and if you haven't started using Microsoft Lists … Continue reading Create rules in Microsoft Lists

Getting started with Teams Templates

A while back ago Microsoft announced the use of Teams templates available directly to users when creating a team. Templates have been available via Microsoft Graph for use when using teams provisioning with an custom automated process. With this feature now rolling out, templates can be managed by administrators in the Teams Admin Portal and … Continue reading Getting started with Teams Templates

Add the group calendar to Teams

Background: When a Team is created an Office 365 group is also created behind the scenes. This also means a number of other workloads is provisioned, including a Outlook group calendar. On many occasions I've been asked how to leverage this calendar in Microsoft Teams, since there is no default view of this calendar in Teams. … Continue reading Add the group calendar to Teams

Multiple channel posting now rolling out

As of today the ability to post a channel message across multiple channels is available in all my tenants. What is it? This can be used to publish announcements, news or any other channel messages in many different channels either within the same team or across all teams that you are a member of! Now … Continue reading Multiple channel posting now rolling out

Microsoft Teams Channel moderation

Just recently the channel moderation feature began rolling out to Microsoft Teams! So what's this all about? Basically this is about the ability to control who can create new posts in a certain channel. In addition to this you can also control if users can reply to posts created by the channel  "moderators" Use case … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Channel moderation

App permissions moving to Teams Admin Center

Recently I've seen that app permissions for Teams are moving to the new Teams Admin Center (TAC) This is a good thing since it further minimalizes the places you need to go to make certain settings for Microsoft Teams. Previously this was made from the Office 365 Admin Portal - services and add-ins, then clicking … Continue reading App permissions moving to Teams Admin Center

Priority notifications now live

This morning I noticed that the feature " Priority notifications" had appeared in my tenants! It's actually called "Urgent messages" in the Teams UI! In the messaging policy it says priority notifications! Read more about this feature here: Tomtalks blog new-capabilities-in-microsoft-365 As above links mentions, this feature will be restricted in the actual numbers of … Continue reading Priority notifications now live

Channel notifications vs notification settings

Recently the new "Channel notifications" setting rolled out to all tenants. Now users have the ability to set different notification setting per channel. Before this setting, you had the option to only set this for all channels: Banner and email Banner Only show in feed If you then choose to follow a channels you would … Continue reading Channel notifications vs notification settings

Yet another ”Community” blog post

I’ve read many blogposts about the “Community”, all which are great, and I love to read about other peoples perspectives and journeys! Not until last week, when I was thinking about a topic for my next blog post I actually thought of doing this myself! I realized the importance to myself, of acknowledging the greatness … Continue reading Yet another ”Community” blog post

Teams chat file-sharing demystified

I recently answered a post on the TechCommunity ( Link here ) about a user asking about the existence and non-existence of the so called “Microsoft Teams Chat Files” folder in Onedrive! It got me thinking that details of sharing files in a private chat in Microsoft Teams can be somewhat confusing for many users, and … Continue reading Teams chat file-sharing demystified